Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sneak Peek!

I've become obsessed with revamping old thrift store frames. I can't show the finished product because they aren't done but I'm actually turning these old treasures into functional beauties... Stay tuned!

My first frames set for a makeover
 (popped that ugly picture out of the one)
-Total: $12

Akk! This is all I can show of this one (until next week)

I'm in love with the bulkiness of this one,
 it will be going up in our house...

This frame is about 8x10 for $3.99.
Sorry ducks, you gotta go!

The other frame I bought was $9.99 

This black spray paint from Krylon actually dries matte

Sorry if you're looking at these, wondering what the big deal is but I'm just so excited to share what I'm doing that I might spontaneously combust!