Saturday, January 29, 2011

Strawberry Delight

Today our little family headed over to a local farm to pick strawberries for the first time. The farm we visited also has a petting zoo which was free unless you wanted feed (25 cents/handful). It was so nice to spend time outside as a family and it's always so much fun watching our daughter interact with animals and  experience new things. 

 "Feed me!" -Sir Goat
 Counting sheep...
 Are all donkeys friendly?
There's nothing like a fresh picked strawberry, add this to the bucket list!

I will say that I think picking strawberries would be easier for parents with children a bit older (our daughter will be two in a month). Our daughter didn't really understand that we could only pick certain strawberries so we had to keep a very close eye on her. 

Finding a farm nearby was so easy. I used this website: 
Then, I just followed a link to the farm we visited. No muss, no fuss. We paid $2.50/lb. We got over seven pounds! My husband has already made chocolate covered strawberries and topping to make strawberry short cake. I see a lot of running in my schedule this week!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Adventures of a Thrift Store Shopper

Shopping at thrift stores has become an obsession for me. I can only compare it to what men feel like when they go hunting, it's the thrill of the kill! Nothing gets me more excited than finding a gem amongst the seemingly endless racks of riff-raff. For example, we have a thrift store in town that has occasional 50% off days and they get hit hard! I find it far too tempting to buy things for $2 and $3 rather than their usual $4 and $6 so I usually make it a point to hit it up with the rest of the thrifty folk. During the last sale I attended I found a perfect L.B.D. How much did I pay? $3!!! AMAZING! 

Usually I have an accomplice to go with me for moral support and to see who can nab the best find. I own a Dior sweater thanks to another 50% day when I was victorious. How much? $5!!! 

Sometimes, I will hit up the thrift store on my lunch break and this happens...

Couldn't quiiiiite get the zipper up myself so I turned that bad boy around to make sure this would be a smart purchase. I think I paid $6 or so, and it is a Dillard's-ish brand that retails between $40-$80. It's in perfect condition and I love it. I wear it to work which means I have to wear it with the correct side in front, paired with a brown cardigan and some flats (in a metallic color like that of the dress) from Target for about $4. 

Stay tuned for more Thrift Store finds. I am currently obsessing over pretty dishes and earrings or other bobbles to make pretty things out of and hope I can feature something soon!