Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Making the Treadmill a Little Less Ho-Hum

My race bibs & such face me for added inspiration

I've always had music videos or movies playing on our computer while I run on the treadmill but that was with them on mute while I had my iPhone playing on my earbuds since I run after my daughter goes to bed and blasting anything is not an option. That all changed with the purchase of our iPad. Now I scan and watch random music videos to keep me occupied during an otherwise boring run. I wish I knew of a site that allowed you to make music video playlists (without purchasing them), and it's honestly not something I've looked into but this works for me, for now.

Tonight's entertainment included:

B.o.B. feat. Lil Wayne "Strange Clouds" - I feel I have to clarify that I have never used narcotics in my life and I don't find their use amusing. I do however, like the beat of this song. I actually didn't watch the video since I was just beginning to warm up and I was focusing on my posture but I'm pretty sure it runs along the same lines of any other rap video.

Katy Perry "The One That Got Away" - *girl crush alert* my goodness do I find her gorgeous in this music video?! Also, I thought the video was stunning and I love the Johnny Cash playing at the end. Perfect.

Beyonce "Countdown" - this song wouldn't normally set my running vibe in motion but the video is super cute and unique, it's very fast-paced and kitschy. 

Katy Perry feat. Kanye West "E.T." - an oldie and I don't care for the video as much as I do the song [for running].

Paramore "Misery Business" - another girl crush: Hayley Williams. The girl is so pretty to look at and her energy is magnetic. My husband teases me about how I went to their concert back in '08 and still claim it as one of the best I've been to. Oh yeah, and I definitely thrash my head around at the hook, even while I run.

I got hung up on Paramore and watched a few of their unplugged videos as a cool down. Hayley has one of my favorite voices, right up there with Adele.

I'm so anxious for winter solstice to come and pass so there is more opportunity for me to run outdoors but I am very thankful to have the option of my treadmill in the meantime. 

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