Friday, November 4, 2011

Flashback Friday!

Today I introduce my daughter to the blog, her name is Laila, she is my world.

Halloween 2009 "Laila bug"

This year I was able to reuse the red tutu I made two years ago for Halloween - without a single adjustment!

Halloween 2011 "Olivia the Pig"

So what if only one person knew who my child was dressed up as, without us explaining it to them (if you don't know, google it, it's a cartoon pig with very big ears)! My kid is cute and that trumps the fact that her pig ears resemble bunny ears any day.

We had a lot of fun taking Laila trick-or-treating for the first time. Our community has an older median age range so we were disappointed in the amount of people giving out candy. We got the scoop from some neighbors and we're prepared to go where the action is next year. This year served as a good warm-up.

For now I'm glad there isn't more candy in this house. Laila asks for candy several times a day, most requests are denied. The good thing is that she is dealing with rejection more and more positively.

TGIF, loves!

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  1. Love the Olivia costume. And I love Laila too, but you already knew that :)