Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Running Playlist Link Up

Hi there! I know it's been a while since I've posted and I want those who follow this blog to know I appreciate you hanging around. I have some changes that are in the works and once I figure out the logistics of it all I will be revealing a whole new look, name, and I'll be featuring more of my personal life.

Enough on that for now...

I've been meaning to link up with Brandy of mannlymama on a couple of passions we both share: running & music, but thoughts of changing my blog kept me lagging and I also took a running hiatus due to an injury. I finally set an appointment with myself to get back on the pavement while I was dragging ass through work today and I "let" myself download some songs I had been tagging through Shazam (app for iPhone, if you don't have it, GET IT - it will change your life). Running is the best medicine for me and my playlist really kicked my run into high gear. I usually run closer, if not over 11min/mi when I'm getting back into my groove after time off but tonight my average pace was 10:09, with my first mile being sub 10's. So without further ado, the jams that kept me pumping:

Linkin Park - "Waiting for the End," "When They Come for Me," & "Wretches and Kings"
The first song reminds me of things that make me angry and I'm pretty sure I look like I'm running to beat someone up while I listen to it but it gets my adrenaline pumping so hard. The latter two songs have crazy beats that are fun and make me feel badass, and again, I probably look a little nuts.

AWOLNATION - "Sail" {New Download}
This is a song my husband and I both reached to crank up in the car last night, it's just recently got play on the radio and I've only heard it a couple times but it's addicting and unique.

Dev - "In the Dark" & "Bass Down Low (feat. The Cataracts)" {New Downloads}
I typically want a running song to evoke either anger, badass, or sexy feelings. Dev's songs are blatantly sexy and for that, I thank her. Oh, I'm also thankful that she doesn't just say "it's The Cataracts" for the hell of it in her song "In the Dark," I was very confused by that for the longest time.

Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem - "Forever" {New Download}
I'm pretty sure I'm late on discovering this song because I've heard bits and pieces for a while now but I finally heard the whole thing on my way to work last week and HAD TO HAVE IT!

New Boyz - "Better With the Lights Off (feat. Chris Brown)"
This is a guilty pleasure song for me, I really wanted to hate it but the cheesy 80's beat has me hooked for life (maybe not, LIFE, life). The song is about telling a girl she "looks better with the lights off" which is just rude, but I do believe they spend the rest of the song explaining why that's a good thing and she's "actually more poppin.'"

I hope ya'll  enjoy and please link your favorite running playlist as well!


  1. YES! THose Dev songs! I hear them on Pandora all the time but don't look down to see who it is! THANK YOU! And Forever is an awesome running jam. I used to have it on the list. Don't know why I still don't!

  2. Love all of your son choices. And now I want to go running.