Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Some Hussy

Some hussy hit on my husband last night and lives to see another day. Long story short, my hubalicious (real nickname – he loves it) went out with his friends to eat, drink, and collect their copies of MW3 during the midnight release. Hubs was texting me while he was at dinner, telling me about the amazing mozzarella sticks he was eating, blah, blah. I usually stay up when he’s out just because we’ve slept together so long that I cannot fall asleep without him next to me. Last night was an exception, I was exhausted and I knew he was safe due to the texts, so I fell asleep while my lectures played on the iPad and the TV hummed in the background. Side note: if he isn’t home, the only way I can fall asleep is with the TV on.

He got home around one in the morn and must’ve thought I was awake, because all I remember him saying was, “I actually got hit on tonight.” In my sleepy haze I can remember responding, “I don’t like that!” I believe I repeated myself a few times and then proceeded to need to know all the details. You see, I don’t doubt that my husband gets admired or hit on more regularly because I, myself am still wildly attracted to the man. I think his day-to-day run-ins are probably more subtle therefore he doesn’t realize what’s happening. Most men are oblivious, or at least that’s what they lead their wives to believe.

I’ll admit, I had a twinge of jealousy and while I’ve joked with him about it a bit, I probably won’t anymore and that’s as far of a hard time I’m going to give him. Jealousy isn’t cute and I know if I let it get to me I I’ll just end up going all psycho mutant wife on my husband and that definitely ain’t adorable and it doesn’t draw a man closer. Besides, who could blame a guy for being smoking hot in his motorcycle jacket, just trying to get his grub on?

Sorry little miss waitress, but you only reminded me that my hubby is hot, he’s all mine, and it’s been a while since I’ve rode on the back of the motorcycle with him. Cheers to you in your endeavors! I’m actually more jealous of these phenomenal cheese sticks I have yet to experience, maybe you can serve them to me…

Professional stud muffin 


  1. oh SNAP! hahahaha! I loved this. First of all, Justin was out until 1am, in line for the new game and I couldn't sleep either. Can't ever sleep when he's gone, as a matter of fact, and I usually bring the kids in bed with me because I'm such a wimp about strange noises and bumps in the night and all that. Secondly, hot husband on a motorcycle is right! And you ride that thing?? The motorcycle, I mean? :) So badass, girl. I'm jealous.

  2. Well... I've been on it once. Our date nights alone are few and far between and it took about two and a half years of him riding it solo for me to trust him driving it with me on the back. It's only hot if we survive! I hope to ride on it again soon ; )